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Deep sea prawn

Pandalus borealis (Deep sea Prawn) lives at depths of 20–1,330 m (66–4,360 ft), usually on soft muddy bottoms, in waters with a temperature of 2–14 °C (36–57 °F). The distribution of the nominate subspecies P. b. borealis in the Atlantic ranges from New England, Canada's eastern seaboard (off Newfoundland and Labrador and eastern Baffin Island in Nunavut), southern and eastern Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, Norway and the North Sea as far south as the English Channel. In the Pacific, P. b. eous is found from Japan, through the Sea of Okhotsk, across the Bering Strait, and as far south in North America as Washington state.

P. borealis is an important food resource, and has been widely fished since the early 1900s in Norway, and later in other countries following Johan Hjort's practical discoveries of how to locate them. In Canada these shrimp are sold peeled and cooked in frozen bags in supermarkets and consumed as a appetizer.

Pandalus Borealis

Pandalus borealis




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