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  • Cod is primarily caught by trawlers and longliners in the North Atlantic ocean
  • Product type: Interleaved IQF fillets, IQF loins and portions and blocks
  • Season: All year round
  • Catching area: FAO 27

Cod lives in the North Atlantic ocean. In the eastern parts of the North Atlantic it can be found from Svalbard in the Barents sea and south to the Bay of Biscaya. In the north western parts of the Atlantic ocean cod lives by Greenland and from Hudson bay and Baffin bay south to Cape Hatteras in the USA.

Cod can be found all around Iceland. Cod is a demersal fish living from a few meter depth and down to 600 meter depth or deeper. It's commonly found in 100-400 meter depth. Cod prefers sandy and clay bottoms as well as lava bottoms. It comes out of the depths looking for food or to spawn.

Þorskur (Gadus morhus)

Pandalus borealis




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