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Lobster - Scampi (Nephrops norvegicus)
  • Caught in the North Atlantic Ocean (south coast of Iceland)
  • Product: Whole frozen and tails.
  • Catching season: May - September
  • Catching area: FAO 27

The lobster spreads out in a vast area reaching from the northern coast of Norway to the south coasts of Western Europe and in the Mediterranean all the way to the coasts of Greece. The only area around Iceland that the Lobster inhabits is in the warm ocean by the southern coast from Hornafjordur in the East to Faxafloi in the West. The Lobster usually lives in 20-500m depth although he has been found in up to 800m depth by the west coast of Sicily. By Iceland it's caught in 110-300m depth.

The lobster grows in a shell. It regularly disposes of it's shell and forms a new one that is bigger than the previous one. After reaching maturity the male grows quite faster than the female i.e. the female can't trade shells while bearing egg cells under the tail between spawning and hatching that takes 12 months in the Icelandic waters. The average length of the male is 14 cm not counting the the limbs but in the female 11 cm. The biggest male- and female can reach up to 26 cm and 18 cm in length.



Pandalus borealis




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